Helix Anchors

‘ Certified Helix Anchor Installer & Distributor ’

Unlike traditional moorings, Helix Anchors can be used for many different applications on land and in water. Helix Anchors bring a new meaning to security, longevity and durability. Helix moorings can be used in applications such as  marina construction, mooring field configuration, anchoring vessels, helix marine installation, worldwide helix installation anywhere in the world, docks, piers, breakwaters, bulkheads, pipelines, fish pens, long lines, piling support, navigational buoys, and scientific equipment.

Vessel Mooring & Docks: We specialize in securing docks and floats using Helix Anchors partnered with elastic mooring rodes or traditional chain.

Tiebacks for Bulkheads: Helix Anchors have proven to offer superior holding power in comparison to typical deadmen type methods.