Eco-Mooring Systems

Engineers, mooring installers, marine department officials & marine contractors on three continents are choosing the Eco-Mooring System as the solution to protecting their fragile aquatic habitats. Marine & Environmental Departments around the globe are taking action to protect some of the most fragile aquatic habitats from documented destructive mooring and anchoring practices.

Change and convincing mariners to replace a system they’ve depended on for decades , requires a system that first, meets the new regulations, yet secures their vessels as dependably as what their accustom to. This requires an exceptionally strong, durable, stretchable system that they can afford. With decades of mooring and anchoring experience, Eco-Mooring engineers have developed, tested & trialed the Eco-Mooring System for over seven years in the harshest New England waters.

Why use an Eco-Mooring System?

The marine environment is a very fragile ecosystem and in particular near the shoreline where boaters often need to moore their vessels. Traditional means of mooring vessels using heavy weights and chains that drag the bottom as the winds and tides move a vessel. In turn this can this can cause un-repairable damage to this fragile environment.


  • Mitigates shock loads to all components of mooring system and boat
  • Elasticity with strength
  • Eliminates scouring of harbor bottom by chain
  • Custom lengths can be fabricated
  • Abrasion resistant high tensile cover
  • Non Corroding design yields longer life
  • Energy absorbing polyester jacketed cover
  • Rope is neutral buoyancy
  • No Dead Zones