Mooring Anchors

‘ Always Safe, Always Secure ’


Mooring locations will depend on available space in the area or mooring field you desire. Obtaining mooring permits and proper mooring specifications for your vessel is determined by your Harbor Master. Here at CTMOORING.COM we strive to make this process as easy for you as possible and will help you to the best of our ability, every step of the way.


CTMARINESERVICES.COM has the equipment for installing the “proper” mooring for your vessel. Choosing the proper mooring size is based on your vessel’s size, water displacement, and desired location. This selection ensures our customers that their vessel’s mooring system will be safe and able to withstand the Northeast’s most unforgiving weather conditions. We comply will all harbor and non-harbor regulations to ensure proper placement, and safety for your vessel at the location you desire.


Unfortunately moorings don’t last forever! Constant tidal changes, sea conditions, and stress on your mooring means, your mooring needs to be inspected (a minimum every 2 years)!! We have the equipment and experience to properly inspect your mooring and ensure proper care and safety for you and your vessel.

Inspection includes:

  • Haul mooring from sea floor
  • Detailed inspection on anchor, shackles, swivels, chain, mooring ball, pendants, and pick up stick(s)
  • Any necessary components will be brought to the mooring owners attention if replacement is needed, and will be replaced (at owners expense) to pass inspection.
  • Upon “passing inspection”, mooring will be re-placed in position of which it was hauled and properly re-set in sea floor.

*Please Note: During inspection. CTMARINESERVICES.COM is NOT responsible if mooring breaks during the hauling/inspection process*